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Thunderstruck 720 -- Witness by Thunderstruckcomic Thunderstruck 720 -- Witness :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 0 2 Comic715 by Thunderstruckcomic Comic715 :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0 Comic 696 -- Good News, Bad news by Thunderstruckcomic Comic 696 -- Good News, Bad news :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 0 0 Thunderstruck Comic 695 - Trophies by Thunderstruckcomic Thunderstruck Comic 695 - Trophies :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0 Comic 694 -- The Unveiling by Thunderstruckcomic Comic 694 -- The Unveiling :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0 Comic693 by Thunderstruckcomic Comic693 :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0 Psyche in Pink Wallpaper by Thunderstruckcomic Psyche in Pink Wallpaper :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 0 0 Osenami Family by Thunderstruckcomic Osenami Family :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0 An Elephant by Thunderstruckcomic An Elephant :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 0 0 Rose and Jade: Knife by Thunderstruckcomic Rose and Jade: Knife :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 2 4
Voyage of the Piquant-Part 3
Aholl drove the ship by sheer force of will, studying the charts endlessly as he tried to anticipate the moves of his enemy, training his crew in the secret arts of maritime combat, sniffing the briny air for a hint of where his prey might be hiding. Never once did he take advantage of our seemingly endless array of entertainment features to unwind and get away from it all. Whether it was wisdom, instinct, or madness that drew him on, I know not. He was a man with a purpose on a ship full of cruisers, and we found ourselves infected by his unforgiving quest for revenge.
No matter who is captain on a cruise ship, routine is always the king. So adapting to this sudden shift in our well-lubed pattern took its toll on the officers and staff. Louis and his massage team pulled many a late shift, I can report, as we all scrambled to shape Aholl's militant orders to a palatable form for our passengers. Trying to make the effort of preparing for battle with a monstrous squid into a luxurious an
:iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 1
Voyage of the Piquant-Part 2
Captain Wellington's only attempt to take back the ship ended almost as soon as it began. Reasoning that every man, even a mad one, had to sleep, the captain assigned us to watch Aholl all through the night as the gristly squid-hunter stood vigil on the bridge. It wasn't long before Aholl seemed to drop off in the sumptuous captain's chair, but when Wellington gingerly reached for the harpoon gun, one of Aholl's bloodshot eyes bulged open. The harpoon tip bobbed and pointed at Wellington's generous belly, and our captain let out a squeak and stumbled away.
"I think he is actually still asleep," I whispered to the shaky captain. "His eye never focused on you."
"Well you try and take that thing away from him, then!" Wellington hissed.
I declined.
We retreated together to the officer's lounge to confer with the rest of the staff, leaving Aholl in sole possession of the bridge. Wellington delivered the news to our colleagues that our attempted mutiny had come up short. Everyone expressed t
:iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0
Voyage of the Piquant-Part 1
Call me Irving. The tale I am about to relate is a story of obsession, madness, the power of the sea, and other heavy stuff like that.
I was serving as Chief Activity Coordinator aboard the Piquant, a six-hundred foot cruise ship operating off the Pacific Northwest. We were late in the season, perhaps our last run along the Canadian coastline, when we found ourselves drawn into a nightmare of unspeakable proportions. It began on a normal day, during the normal routine, on a cruise that seemed no different from the hundreds I had seen in my career.
A seaman is supposed to be able to sense a storm coming, and I suppose I must've gained some of that legendary faculty for precognition during my years on the sea. I first felt a sense of dread as I was guiding my group of passengers through their early evening routine.
"And ready... now drain!" I checked my stopwatch, ticking off the standard seventeen seconds. "Good... now shake! Two, three, four. Now retract... and zip! Group three,
:iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0
Thunderstruck sample page 496 by Thunderstruckcomic Thunderstruck sample page 496 :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0 Thunderstruck sample page 462 by Thunderstruckcomic Thunderstruck sample page 462 :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 2 0 Thunderstruck sample page 410 by Thunderstruckcomic Thunderstruck sample page 410 :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0

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A Wizard of Tea by ursulav A Wizard of Tea :iconursulav:ursulav 3,341 363
Elf vs. Orc 6
He got a nasty start a few hours later, when he came in to check on her.
He'd tied her hands, her feet, thrown a loop or two around her waist, and roped everything to the bed, the chair, and the fire iron, just for good measure, He'd done everything short of hog-tying. She wasn't going to get loose in a hurry.
He wasn't sure why he was bothering, really, since he had a horrible feeling that if she said "Will you untie me?" he might do it, and if she said "please," he'd definitely do it.
Still, she didn't seem to be a threat conscious, so maybe that was okay.
Then, because his feelings were still churning and there was nothing for emotional turmoil like hard work, he'd gone off, fed the chickens and the gargoyle, picked peas, turned the compost heap, washed his hands and made soup. By the end, he was really quite exhausted, and ready for at least a nap in his chair.
Then he came back in to discover that her fever had vanished and she was shivering violently with cold.
"…hell…" he
:iconursulav:ursulav 187 107
Elf vs. Orc 5
Sings-to-Trees's primary thought through the whole violent encounter was Not the throat again!
His neck hurt. He felt like a troll had used his esophagus as a dance floor. This could not be healthy. If he lived through this, he swore he would be nice to his throat for the rest of the year. Hot teas. Scarfs during winter. Anything.
For awhile, he didn't think he was going to live to see sunrise, let alone winter.
Then she'd apologized. The orc had stood there, with a distinctly sheepish expression on her face, and she'd apologized.
None of his patients ever apologized. Most of them couldn't talk, and it didn't seem to occur to the ones who could.
Half of him wanted to reply automatically—No, it's okay, these things happen, don't worry about it—and the other half was jumping up and down screaming You just tried to kill me, you green-faced lunatic! You can't just apologize for trying to kill people!
Perhaps fortunately, his throat was aching too badly
:iconursulav:ursulav 183 68
wish i could be by briannacherrygarcia wish i could be :iconbriannacherrygarcia:briannacherrygarcia 16,450 1,526
Elf vs. Orc 4
She let him go. She couldn't do much else. He was an elf, sure, but there were rules, and you didn't kill healers and you didn't kill priests.
The rage had to go somewhere. You couldn't go from halfway to gnawing your shield back to normal just like that. Celadon swallowed it, bitterly, the stone shattering, the red sea pouring through the wreckage. She threw her head back and snarled with the pain.
The elf lay sprawled on the ground beside the bed, holding his throat, his eyes closed. He was breathing in tight little gasps. She could have stomped on his head, but of course she wouldn't.
She was furious. Mostly at herself, truth be told. It had been so obvious. He'd checked her bandages, he hadn't been wearing armor, and this was as far from a cell as you could get. What more did she need, a sign saying "Non-combatant, please do not throttle," in several languages? But she'd been so mad—and scared, yes, let's be honest with ourselves—that she hadn't seen past the Enemy.
:iconursulav:ursulav 186 63
Elf vs. Orc 3
Sings-to-Trees was being strangled.
He'd always expected a patient to kill him some day, but he'd thought he would be a lot older, and it would be an angry bull or a careless moment with a manticore or something along those lines, with an outside chance of being crushed under a nearsighted troll. He really hadn't anticipated anything like this.
The orc had been giggling to herself for a few minutes, and when he tried to talk to her, she only giggled harder. He didn't know if she could speak any of the languages, or if she was so delirious that she wasn't even hearing him. He had no real idea what the normal temperature for an orc was, but her skin burned against his fingers, and if he had to guess, he'd say she was running quite a high fever.  
There was something very surreal about a giggling orc. It wasn't malicious, like when pixies left flaming piles of pixie-crap on your doorstep and hid to watch you step in it. This was a throaty, genuinely amused chuckle—reduced to a s
:iconursulav:ursulav 228 103
Elf vs. Orc 2
Celadon Toadstool was delirious.
The funny bit—uproariously funny, it seemed to her—was that she knew she was delirious. The world was billowing around her. It looked as if someone had meticulously painted the inside of a cottage on silk, and then hung it in a gentle breeze. The corners floated inward and collapsed back out again with a sigh.
That someone would go to all that trouble, painting a cottage on silk, was hilarious.
She knew she was wounded. She couldn't quite remember how she'd been wounded. Imagine not remembering a thing like that!
This also struck her as hilarious.
Her name, in Orcish, was Urrsharruk-gah, and she had skin the delicate gray-green of the gills of cave mushrooms, and eyes the color of stolen gold. Her hair was thick and dark and she wore it tucked under her helmet to keep enemies from being able to grab it, which was problematic, because she'd lost her helmet somewhere along the way, and she wasn't in the best of shape anyway.
Even in her immense good humor
:iconursulav:ursulav 208 64
Laundry Cat by RedDragonfly Laundry Cat :iconreddragonfly:RedDragonfly 1 3
Mature content
Elf vs. Orc :iconursulav:ursulav 405 144
Nederland Haiku set
free for a moment,
each drop in the waterfall
rejoins the river
quaking aspen gold
spotlight on the hillside
of darker green pines
on the mountaintop
despite the heat here below
a dusting of snow
:iconreddragonfly:RedDragonfly 0 9
Two Guns- Modern Azami by RedDragonfly Two Guns- Modern Azami :iconreddragonfly:RedDragonfly 0 0 pet fish by loish pet fish :iconloish:loish 10,076 827 self portrait by loish self portrait :iconloish:loish 1,586 465 CG HTK Girl 37 by iDNAR CG HTK Girl 37 :iconidnar:iDNAR 9,386 783
Haikuwrimo Collected
1- Hall Ranch
the trail is steep-
in the gully nails up
a rusty horseshoe
in the shiny street
sparrows bathe in a  puddle
I pull up my hood
3-sidewalk petals
sodden pink petals
underfoot, sidewalk
barely visible
4-desert wind
rising wind is cold-
the smell of rain coming
down the empty street
5-coffin alone
rain-spattered coffin-
flag folded. Six blue-clad men
walk back to their van.
6-mist horses
grey sunrise
mist-shrouded horses
steaming breath
willow tree trembles
its leaf tip on the surface-
the river is cold.
8-wake up
Full daylight outside
but I can't wake up- meow!
sharp claws on my arm
walking to the field
to catch my horse- she's the one
rolling in the mud.
10- white blossoms
white butterfly vanishes
into the white blossoms
11-tough roses
Our house is not there.
Sand lot surrounded by walls-
but the roses bloom.
12-horned toad
Spiky, broad-bellied
lizard, near-invisible
in the cactus shade
13-cactus flowers
golden roundels low,
red bottle-b
:iconreddragonfly:RedDragonfly 1 6



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After a hiatus of several years, I've come back to Thunderstruck. I'm now doing this in a new way -- full-page color comics, delivered once a month on the current schedule, and hopefully greater progress in the story with each installment.

This is a turnaround after my big goodbye in '09, but I realized that I had time now to balance my writing efforts and the comic, so long as I stopped trying to do the heavy lifting of a 3-per-week schedule. I'll be posting art and updates here on my Deviant account as well (another thing that has been fallow for a long time).
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