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Thunderstruck 720 -- Witness by Thunderstruckcomic Thunderstruck 720 -- Witness :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 0 2 Comic715 by Thunderstruckcomic Comic715 :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0 Comic 696 -- Good News, Bad news by Thunderstruckcomic Comic 696 -- Good News, Bad news :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 0 0 Thunderstruck Comic 695 - Trophies by Thunderstruckcomic Thunderstruck Comic 695 - Trophies :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0 Comic 694 -- The Unveiling by Thunderstruckcomic Comic 694 -- The Unveiling :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0 Comic693 by Thunderstruckcomic Comic693 :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0 Psyche in Pink Wallpaper by Thunderstruckcomic Psyche in Pink Wallpaper :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 0 0 Osenami Family by Thunderstruckcomic Osenami Family :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 2 0 An Elephant by Thunderstruckcomic An Elephant :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 0 0 Rose and Jade: Knife by Thunderstruckcomic Rose and Jade: Knife :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 3 4
Voyage of the Piquant-Part 3
Aholl drove the ship by sheer force of will, studying the charts endlessly as he tried to anticipate the moves of his enemy, training his crew in the secret arts of maritime combat, sniffing the briny air for a hint of where his prey might be hiding. Never once did he take advantage of our seemingly endless array of entertainment features to unwind and get away from it all. Whether it was wisdom, instinct, or madness that drew him on, I know not. He was a man with a purpose on a ship full of cruisers, and we found ourselves infected by his unforgiving quest for revenge.
No matter who is captain on a cruise ship, routine is always the king. So adapting to this sudden shift in our well-lubed pattern took its toll on the officers and staff. Louis and his massage team pulled many a late shift, I can report, as we all scrambled to shape Aholl's militant orders to a palatable form for our passengers. Trying to make the effort of preparing for battle with a monstrous squid into a luxurious an
:iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 1
Voyage of the Piquant-Part 2
Captain Wellington's only attempt to take back the ship ended almost as soon as it began. Reasoning that every man, even a mad one, had to sleep, the captain assigned us to watch Aholl all through the night as the gristly squid-hunter stood vigil on the bridge. It wasn't long before Aholl seemed to drop off in the sumptuous captain's chair, but when Wellington gingerly reached for the harpoon gun, one of Aholl's bloodshot eyes bulged open. The harpoon tip bobbed and pointed at Wellington's generous belly, and our captain let out a squeak and stumbled away.
"I think he is actually still asleep," I whispered to the shaky captain. "His eye never focused on you."
"Well you try and take that thing away from him, then!" Wellington hissed.
I declined.
We retreated together to the officer's lounge to confer with the rest of the staff, leaving Aholl in sole possession of the bridge. Wellington delivered the news to our colleagues that our attempted mutiny had come up short. Everyone expressed t
:iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0
Voyage of the Piquant-Part 1
Call me Irving. The tale I am about to relate is a story of obsession, madness, the power of the sea, and other heavy stuff like that.
I was serving as Chief Activity Coordinator aboard the Piquant, a six-hundred foot cruise ship operating off the Pacific Northwest. We were late in the season, perhaps our last run along the Canadian coastline, when we found ourselves drawn into a nightmare of unspeakable proportions. It began on a normal day, during the normal routine, on a cruise that seemed no different from the hundreds I had seen in my career.
A seaman is supposed to be able to sense a storm coming, and I suppose I must've gained some of that legendary faculty for precognition during my years on the sea. I first felt a sense of dread as I was guiding my group of passengers through their early evening routine.
"And ready... now drain!" I checked my stopwatch, ticking off the standard seventeen seconds. "Good... now shake! Two, three, four. Now retract... and zip! Group three,
:iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0
Thunderstruck sample page 496 by Thunderstruckcomic Thunderstruck sample page 496 :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0 Thunderstruck sample page 462 by Thunderstruckcomic Thunderstruck sample page 462 :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 2 0 Thunderstruck sample page 410 by Thunderstruckcomic Thunderstruck sample page 410 :iconthunderstruckcomic:Thunderstruckcomic 1 0

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2014 Dragon2th Renga-January
under the wrapping
something I want
no matter what
1-1-14 RD
a gift sublime
intended for others...
now the property of cats
1-1-14 SM2
you mean cat toy
rolling all night
1-2-14 RD
day is for sleeping
night is for watching
not complicated here
1-3-14 SM2
sleeping husband
cats on every side
purring peaceful
1-3-14 RD
furry guardians
ever watchful
can opener?...shift change  
1-3-14 SM2
she did feed us
but now you are awake
and it's your turn
1-5-14 RD
multi course meal
candelabra not required
but no singing, no tip
1-5-14 SM2
too cold
but cats want the window open
so we can smell the snow
1-6-14 RD
frozen whiskers and toes
appreciation of the seasons diversity
... camomile tea...awaiting consumption
1-6-14 SM2
snowy whiskers
time to get under a blanket
and sleep the rest of the day
1-7-14 RD
snug and warm
in between dreams
...ready to pounce, if the need arrives  
1-7-14 SM2
maybe if you turn the sink on
I will stop long enough
to put my collar back on
1-8-14 RD
:iconreddragonfly:RedDragonfly 2 3
Mana Tide by AquaSixio Mana Tide :iconaquasixio:AquaSixio 17,417 574 evening speed: light by anikakinka evening speed: light :iconanikakinka:anikakinka 1,078 23
2013 Dragon2th Renga-November
solve your flyaway curtain troubles
with new and improved
11-1-13 RD
trespassers thwarted
no match for security system
and ninja stealth cats  
11-1-13 SM2
enough with the doorbell
even the dog
needs a nap
11-2-13 RD
comfy floor
warmed by sunlight
ear twitch...jingle of keys
11-2-13 SM2
watching from top of the stairs
waiting until
I pick up the leash
11-3-13 RD
adventures pending
sensory overload
quick!...there's a squirrel!
11-3-13 SM2
In the pasture prairie dogs
and a horse toy
more suitable for dogs
11-4-13 RD
hide and seek...
tactical advantage perhaps
but canine intellect is formidable
11-4-13 SM2
discovered the last crumb of dog food-
if only I could train her
to find my keys
11-5-13 RD
seemingly misplaced objects
guarded most securely
need to know basis only
11-5-13 SM2
spilled food dishes
or random rampage?
11-5-13 RD
canine ponderings
chaos theory personified i smell bacon?
11-5-13 SM2
a chewy treat
is it enough
to get me in the bath?
11-7-13 RD
i ba
:iconreddragonfly:RedDragonfly 1 1
2013 Dragon2th Renga-October
dappled sunlight
moving on the wall
but I watch the clock
10-1-13 RD
simple motion, complex obsession
textures and translucent shadows
hold me transfixed
10-1-13 SM2
dog staring all day-
I find the tennis ball
under my desk.
10-2-13 RD
feline subterfuge
plans within plans
no one suspects
10-2-13 SM2
I get down a book for you-
just a subtle suggestion
we go to Ireland
10-3-13 RD
Stone circles
and moonlight shadows
rites of Spring revisited
10-3-13 SM2
first freeze-
horse blanketed
cats indoors by choice
10-4-13 RD
morning details
greeting the senses
first light
10-5-13 SM2
quick falling twilight
walking the dog
before birthday cake
10-5-13 RD
for whom is the cake?
the canine query, met
with silence...time for sad eyes
10-5-13 SM2
wasting all those
burnt, fatty edges-
recycle with the dog!
10-7-13 RD
implicity and zen
life is more than biscuits
gravy adds savor
10-7-13 SM2
a pinch of hamburger
makes the dog food
so much better
10-7-13 RD
gratitude and devotion
unwavering loyalty
said wit
:iconreddragonfly:RedDragonfly 4 1
2013 Dragon2th Renga-September
from the shelter
we both watch the horizon
heat lightning...beautiful
9-1-13 SM2
quiet here-
orange train passing
under the thundering sky
9-1-13 RD
melodic song
industrial counterpoint
to delicate tempest  
9-1-13 SM2
testing the engine
drumbeat skips
and reverb guitar revs
9-2-13 RD
overhead streetlights
each an island
of insect devotion
9-2-13 SM2
at the kitchen window
a huge blue dragonfly
9-2-13 RD
head turning
this way and that
the cats prey taunts
9-2-13 SM2
dig them out of hiding
the kleenex shall not escape
my kitty wrath
9-2-13 RD
Out! Out! Tis' Havoc cry!
on the blasted heath
So foul and fair a day
9-2-13 SM2
and then a rest
lap time needed
when cometh football season?
9-3-13 RD
remote well hidden
mittens left in it's place
who could it have been?
9-3-13 SM2
clever disguise
black cat
yellow with pollen
9-3-13 RD
blending in the field
such stealth in approaching
quiet, so very quiet
9-3-13 SM2
at last the prey captured
a full bowl of dog food
my reward
:iconreddragonfly:RedDragonfly 3 1,297
2013 November PAD Chapbook Challenge
1 Appearing
snowy morning
horse heads peeking out
from the shelter
2 News
the boss knows more
about the quarterback's health
than his workers'
3 The last time I was here
the roses are gone
and a stranger lives in
my father's house
4 Short sheet
A trio of tiny ghosts
in the fading twilight
"Trick or Treat"
5 Concealed
we look up-
in the fog
a train whistles
6 Visitor
selling secondhand clothes-
outside the window
tourists on the beach
7 Hardship
nothing here to eat
to tide us over
toothpaste tastes sweet
that old song
full of dated disco riffs
and memories of a drive with Dad
9 The Other Woman
both notice
they have the same bracelet
10 Something Sweet
refilled the honey bear
all day
sticky hands sticky elbows
11 Reflective Walk
in the pond
we seem to
walk side by side
12 Saddest
don't look back
nothing is worth
setting foot there again
13 Self-help
it's a little late
to change who you are
14 Exploration
Furniture moved
cats creep
slowly aroun
:iconreddragonfly:RedDragonfly 3 12



Grayson Towler
United States
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Favourite photographer: Andrew Young
Operating System: Mac OS 10.5
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Skin of choice: Bulletproof
Favourite cartoon character: Nausicaa, Daffy Duck, Bugs Bunny, Kenshin, Ryouga, Radical Ed, Faye, Elric Bros., Elastigirl
Personal Quote: Never laugh at live dragons!
After a hiatus of several years, I've come back to Thunderstruck. I'm now doing this in a new way -- full-page color comics, delivered once a month on the current schedule, and hopefully greater progress in the story with each installment.

This is a turnaround after my big goodbye in '09, but I realized that I had time now to balance my writing efforts and the comic, so long as I stopped trying to do the heavy lifting of a 3-per-week schedule. I'll be posting art and updates here on my Deviant account as well (another thing that has been fallow for a long time).
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